Other Specialty Grades

Our POM Spans the Continuum from Conductive to Insulated.

Applications for Conductive & Anti-Static Grades:

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Copy Machines
  • Pen Parts

Example Conductive Grades:

  • Superior Performance in Fuel Contact Applications Conductivity + High Strength: ET-20A
  • Conductivity + High Strength: FA-20, FA-30

Anti-StaticF25-63Anti-static to inhibit dust build-up in electronic applications
Carbon FiberFC2020HCarbon fiber filled for applications needing either conductive properties or high stiffness
Conductive C/F+C/BFA-20Conductive - high strength and creep resistance, MI = 3
FA-30Conductive - high strength and creep resistance, MI = 5
Conductive CarbonET-20AConductive - fuel resistance
Hot Diesel ResistantFR-20HExceeds auto company standards for hot diesel and aggressive fuels
Laser MarkingLX-30BKBlack base resin color for white marking
SL-20Natural base resin color for black marking
Laser WeldingF20-03BLWSuitable for making high strength laser welds
MI = Melt Index. TE = Tensile Elongation at Yield.