Reinforced and Glass Filled Grades

When Reliability and Dimensional Stability Really Count.

KEPITAL® Reinforced and Glass Filled grades offer high mechanical strength/stiffness, low deformation and strain, improved fatigue and creep Resistance and higher HDT.

Applications for Reinforced and Glass Filled Grades:

  • Gears
  • Stabilizer Bar Links
  • Fuel Pump Caps
  • Pump Housings

Glass BeadFB2025Enhanced surface appearance and flatness
Glass FiberFG1025Low melt flow and higher stiffness, 25% GF
FG2015Higher stiffness and hardness, 15% GF
FG2025Maximum stiffness, hardness and HDT, 25% GF
FG2025KHigh rigidity and hardness, 10% GF
MI = Melt Index. TE = Tensile Elongation at Yield.