Medical Grades

The KEPITAL® MX Series provides the certified biocompatibility and global compliance required for medical applications.

KEP is committed to meeting the strict compliance needs of the global medical device market. We maintain long-term capacity to produce medical-grade polymers, perform enhanced quality control on every batch in the MX line, and will notify customers two years in advance of an MX series formulation change. We also support our medical customers with CAE, moldflow, molding analysis, design, and other services.

Key Properties of KEPITAL® MX Medical Series POM

  • High stiffness and toughness
  • Resistant to alcohols, esters, ketones, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • High wear resistance from naturally high lubricity
  • Excellent long-term dimensional stability
  • High creep and fatigue resistance
  • Sterilizable with ethylene oxide

Applications for Medical Grades:

  • Components of surgical devices
  • Insulin pumps, pens and injectors
  • Infusion and drug delivery devices
  • Catheters

Examples of Medical Grades:

  • MX20BT01
  • MX25BT01
  • MX30BT01

UnfilledMX20BT01USP Class IV, ISO 10933-5, DMF Listing, MI = 9
MX25BT01USP Class IV, ISO 10933-5, DMF Listing, MI = 13
MX30BT01USP Class IV, ISO 10933-5, DMF Listing, MI = 27
MI = Melt Index. TE = Tensile Elongation at Yield.