Injection Molding Grades, Unfilled

Find the Best Material for Your Application.

KEPITAL® Injection Molding Grades are available in a variety of melt flows to meet your demanding requirements for conventional and thin wall parts.

Applications for Injection Molding Grades

  • Medium Viscosity/Medium Flow Grades for Mid-Melt Injection Molding Applications
  • Low Viscosity, High Flow Grades for Injection Molding Applications with Longer Flow Patterns, Thinner Walls, Small Shapes
  • Ultra-High Flow Grades for Small or Very Thin Walled Parts

High ViscosityF10-02For injection molding thick parts, MI = 3
F10-03HFor thick parts needing higher strength, toughness and stiffness
High-Medium ViscosityF15-33Standard with balanced properties, MI = 6
Low ViscosityF30-03For multi-cavity parts, MI = 27
F30-34For small, thin wall parts needing high melt flow, MI = 36
Medium ViscosityF20-03Standard with balanced properties, MI = 9
Medium-Low ViscosityF25-03Standard with balanced properties, MI = 13
F25-03HHigher stiffness, flexural modulus = 2800 MPA
F25-03HTSuperior toughness and wear properties
Ultra-Low ViscosityF40-03For small, thin wall parts needing ultra-high melt flow, MI = 45
MI = Melt Index. TE = Tensile Elongation at Yield.