Impact Modified Grades

Tough Parts that Withstand Rugged Use

Align your application stress characteristics to the ideal KEPITAL® Impact Modified grade to boost performance. We help you produce tough, long lasting parts that withstand rugged use under high mechanical stress.

We produce a wide range of impact properties to meet your part’s mechanical requirements, including the best mix of impact resistance and stiffness, as well as excellent cold temperature performance.

Applications for Impact Modified Grades:

  • Automotive Push Clips
  • Buckles
  • Helmet Components (such as Motorcycle Helmet Visor Assembly)
  • Stroller Lock Mechanisms
  • Back Pack Clips

Examples of Impact Modified Grades:

  • Moderate Toughness: TE-21, TE-22, TE-23
  • Superior Toughness: TE-24

Enhanced MechanicalsTE-22SImpact modified with enhanced mechanical properties, TE = 11%
TE-23SImpact modified with enhanced mechanical properties, TE = 12%
StandardTE-21General purpose, lower flexural modulus with reduced noise, TE = 9%
TE-22General Purpose, TE = 11%
TE-23 (FU2015)General Purpose, TE = 12%
TE-24 (FU2020)General Purpose, TE = 13%
TE-33AGeneral Purpose, TE = 10%, low viscosity, MI = 23
Super ToughST-30Superior impact resistance with enhanced mechanical properties, MI = 1
MI = Melt Index. TE = Tensile Elongation at Yield.