KEP offers over 200 grades of KEPITAL® POM. POM, short for polyoxymethylene, is a semi-crystalline engineering plastic resin also known as acetal. POM is a versatile thermoplastic, meaning when heated above its melting point of ~170°C it can be formed into a finished shape via a variety of processes, including: injection molding, extrusion, compression molding, blow molding, etc. The process can be repeated, thereby minimizing the generation of any unused material. Because POM is easy to mold and machine, yet very strong and stable once shaped, it is widely used in applications which demand a combination of chemical/fuel resistance, dimensional stability, low creep, excellent fatigue performance and/or superior surface finish. Some of the most common uses include gears, handles, clips, buckles, and fasteners.

KEPITAL® is a copolymer POM, meaning it has both hydrolytically stable end groups and co-monomers in its polymer backbone. This gives KEPITAL® POM some unique advantages over homopolymers (those comprised of a single type of monomer). These advantages include higher chemical/fuel resistance, improved UV resistance, easier moldability and enhanced long-term stability.

The superior quality and broad range of grades within the KEPITAL® line, backed by world-class local service and support from KEP Americas, combines to give you a material advantage. Explore our selection of KEPITAL® grades and contact KEP Americas to start building Your Material Advantage today.