Standard with reduced noise MI = 30


PropertyNominal Value1UnitTest Method
PhysicalDensity1.39g/cm3ISO 1183
Water Absorption0.2%ISO 62
Mold Shrinkage (t3mm, Φ100mm)2%KEP (Flow Direction)
MechanicalTensile Strength56MPaISO 527
Elongation at Yield8%ISO 527
Nominal Strain at Break30%ISO 527
Flexural Strength80MPaISO 178
Flexural Modulus2400MPaISO 178
Notched Charpy Impact Strength7kJ/m2ISO 179
ThermalMelt Flow Rate30g/10minISO 1133
Melting Point165ºCISO 3146
HDT(1.8MPa)89ºCISO 75
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion13x10-5/ºCISO 11359
ElectricalSurface Resistivity1 × 1016ΩIEC 60093
Volume Resistivity1 × 1014Ω . mIEC 60093
Dielectric Strength18kV/mmIEC 60243
FlammabilityFlame RatingHBUL 94

1Typical properties: these are not to be construed as specifications.

Automotive OEM Approvals

RSM (Renault Samsung Motor) (Korea only)FEM

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